Concrete Slabs

Using a concrete pad for your new Shedwerks storage building can be a great way of assuring an excellent installation. However, if you do choose to use a concrete foundation, there are four very important details that must be considered prior to hiring a concrete contractor.

  1. The slab can be no greater that 1/4” out of “square”. Any variation to this will cause serious problems with your Shedwerks Shed.
  2. Your slab must be 1” smaller in width and depth than the stated size of your new Shedwerks Shed. For example, if you purchase a 10’ x 8’ Shedwerks Shed, your slab must be 9’11” x 7’11”. We will use A/C2 treated plates around the entire perimeter for the walls.
  3. 1/2 x 8” J-type anchor bolts should be set in the concrete around the entire perimeter.( 10” from the corners and 4 ft. on center thereafter) of the slab, except where the door goes.  The bolts should project approximately 2 1/2” above the slab grade and approximately 1” in from the edge.
  4. Your finished slabs surface must be a minimum of 4” above Grade. 

Remember: You should ensure that your particular area allows this type of product as well as conformance to all applicable zoning and/or building codes. Your local building department can assist you in identifying these issues!

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