Q: Can I get my own shingles for the shed?

A: Yes, contact our sales department for more information.

Q: What about installing the shed on a concrete slab?

A: We can install it on a slab, but we do not do concrete work. See our page under Concrete Slabs.


Q: Do I need a building permit?

A: Yes you do. Check with your local building inspector as to what the requirements are for your area. Also see our page on Building Permit Requirements. Some cities don't require a permit if the shed is 10x12 or less

Q: What is considered the wall height?

A: The wall height is the actual outside height of the sidewall of the building.

Q: How will I know if the new Shedwerks Shed will fit in my yard?

A: (1) We must have a minimum of 2' of clearance around all sides and over the top of the Shedwerks Shed to properly construct the building. There can be no exceptions to this policy. (2) If you want to move the building closer to a fence or her structure after construction, please feel free to do so. (you will want to check into your area's zoning laws before doing so) We recommend hiring a professional to move the structure as they are quite heavy. We also recommend that you paint the building prior to moving it. (3) We will level the building using treated, decay-resistant materials up to 6 inches. If your building requires additional leveling, a fee may be applicable.

Q: What if it rains on the day my Shedwerks Shed is to be built?

A: First of all, rain is a four letter word which we would prefer not to think about... however, we cannot control the weather and because the weather does not always play fair, please keep in mind that your scheduled delivery date may also be changed due to inclement weather. Also, sometimes it occurs that a job from the previous day is not finished, which means your contractor must return to his last job and finish prior to beginning another. We realize that you want your Shedwerks Storage Building as planned, and we will do everything within our ability to do so in a timely manner.

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