What To Expect Installation Day

Please expect the following the morning of installation:

1. Please keep in mind unforseen circumstances may arise, therefore, all installation dates are tentative. You may expect a call from the builder on the morning of the scheduled date. At this time the builder will review your order for accuracy and ask directions to the delivery site. For your convenience, the builder should let you know the approximate time of his or her arrival. During this call the builder will also let you know the total amount of the invoice, so if you cannot be at the site when your Shedwerks Storage Building is completed, you will have an opportunity to arrange for payment at the time of completion. The builder may give you seperate amounts due for his/her labor and for your Shedwerks Shed. Please be aware that this is perfectly normal and the amounts will not exceed the total purchase price. If for any reason, including inclement weather, it is necessary to reschedule your installation, we promise to work with you and reschedule the first available date. Please be aware it is not necessary to be home on the scheduled installation day.

2. To ensure the installation goes smoothly, please allow a minimum of 2 feet of “free and clear” unobstructed clearance around the installation site of your Shedwerks Shed. Please allow a minimum of 4 feet if your new building is 12” or 16” wide.

3. Due to safety, the builder will not be able to move your building once it is installed.

4. The builder will level your building up to 6” free of charge using moisture resistant materials. There may be an additional charge for labor if leveling beyond 6” is required. If this arises, the builder will inform you of the additional charge payable directly to him/her. For your conveniance, we do offer solid concrete patio blocks at a minimal charge for leveling your new Shedwerks Shed. These blocks will allow for a more professional and accurate installation. Please feel free to ask your sales associate the approximate quantity of blocks that may be required for your installation.

5. Please complete your site preparation prior to the installation date of your new Shedwerks Storage Building. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide excavation, tree or shrub pruning, or other general clearing of your site. Installations delayed after the arrival of the builder may be subjest to a $35.00 trip charge.

6. If you would please help us by staking out your installation site, we will do everything possible to be sure there are no surprises when you arrive home. Simply place four stakes in the ground where you want the four corners of your new Shedwerks Shed. Also place a fifth stake where you woud like the center of the your new buildings doors.

7. Please allow access for electricity within 150’ of your installation site. The builder will bring his/her own extension cords. In the event that electricity is not available within 150’ of the installation site, please make arrangements in advance to have a generator available or for the builder to bring one at your expense.

8. Please be prepared for payment upon satisfatory completion of your new Shedwerks Storage Building. In the event that you will not be at the installation site upon completion,of your new building, please make arrangements for payment in advance of the installation date. If you will be paying by check, we will already have the labor and materials seperated in advance for you so you may write the first check to the builder for his/her labor and the second check to Shedwerks for your new storage building. The total for labor and material will not exceed your purchase price. WE PROMISE! Remember, it is not necessary to take off of work the day of installation and all installation dates are tentative.

9. Please take the opportunity to review your responsibilities with an associate regarding covenant searches and building permits. You may check with your local government office for property set back requirements for portable buildings prior to preparing and staking out your installation site.

10. Please do not pay cash to the builder. Please have a check or money order payable to the builder for his/her labor as well as a check or money order payable to Shedwerks for your new building upon completion. Please be sure we receive your tax exempt form (if applicable) at our office prior to the installation date or we may ask that you allow us to reschedule your installation.

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