Permit Requirements

Permits... A necessary evil in all communities. It is your responsibility to obtain a permit prior to the installation of your new Shedwerks Storage Building.  All communities require a permit and every community has it's own set of guidelines and requirements you must adhere to when you have a building constructed on your property.  You may check with your local building inspector or call your city hall to obtain this information when planning for your new Shedwerks Shed.  Any delay  or stoppage of building while your new shed is being constructed could cause for additional charges should the builder need to make an additional trip back to complete the building.  Our motto is "do it right the first time" so we ask you to please obtain a permit so that there are no hidden surprises on installation day.

Some of the requirements in varying communities are:

  • Keeping adequate distance from lot lines. This could be as little as 3 feet to as much as 15 feet.
  • Some communities require a concrete slab for all Storage Sheds.
  • Distance between the storage building and your home.
  • Anchoring of the building to the ground.
  • A diagram of where the shed will be placed on your property.

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