Size & Pricing Information

A few things you should know which apply to each model:
  1. All dimensions are in feet unless specified.
  2. We must have a minimum of 2' of clearance around all sides and over the top of the shed to properly construct the building. There can be no exception to this policy.
  3. We will level the building using treated, decay resistant materials up to 6 inches. If your building requires additional leveling, a fee may be applicable.
  4. The first measurement is the width of the building. Typically the doors are on the width side.
  5. The second measurement is the Depth of the building.
  6. The third measurement is the outside height of the building to the roof peak.
  7. Rainy days are our carpenters worst nightmare. Because the weather does not always play fair, please keep in mind that your scheduled delivery date may be changed due to inclement weather.

At Shedwerks, we can customize any shed to your particular application.

Ask our sales department for details.

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